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Quality Assurance
Compliance, Competence and Clinical Excellence - Assured

We follow CCS, Recruitment and Employment Confederation and CQC frameworks alongside QIPP processes. We jointly have over 30 years experience in healthcare recruitment and know the paramount importance of quality.

Our dedicated Compliance team makes sure all checks are completed before, during and after the recruitment of our workforce. 


We operate an open door policy and allow clients to attend our offices for formal audits and/or spot checks for full assurance that our workers are compliant. We are also happy to send all pre-employment checks to clients before workers begin assignments. 


Our state-of-the-art IT system ensures that we are notified well in advance of training and DBS expiry dates (if a DBS number is not transferable that is). It also notifies us when to perform the quarterly and annual service reviews for each of our workforce. We take this opportunity to catch up with our valued people and to make sure that they are happy in their roles and are performing to a great standard!


100% Commitment for Compliance
Not just Mandatory Training
Assignment Reports
Fit to work
CV & CV Profiles
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