Frequently Asked Questions


Data and Barring Up-Date Service

Every time you go to a new employer you need to complete a new DBS check. This can be costly to you and can take up to 6 weeks

(if not longer) before you are able to work. A transferable DBS allows you to work instantly and gives employers instant up-to-date access to your records. This will cost you £13 a year, but is really useful to you and the employer/agency. 


Click on the link to take you to the .Gov website to sign up to this service within 19 days of receiving your certificate. 

Full Time Agency?

Though we can't say you will be guaranteed hours per week, we do fill our shifts and regularly have work, especially for work in the North West. We fill over 90% of shifts that you want, when you want them. 


What documents do I need?

To comply with standards set by our clients and governing bodies, we do ask for a variety of documents. Please click on the image to take you to the document page. 


How long will the registration take?

We have a dedicated recruitment and compliance team who you will get to know in the registration period. It can take around 4 weeks from receiving your application, to being registered to work. Our promise to you is to have you working within 2 weeks of application, however, this does depend on your timely manner and DBS/Reference checks. 


How do I get paid?

We pay weekly on Fridays through three different methods:

Umbrella Company - we support many different people with a variety of different umbrella companies, this allows you to claim expenses and off set this against your tax. Many workers find they earn more doing it this way. We are able to advise on different umbrella options - your consultant will help you with this.

Limited Company - a lot of our workers get paid through their own limited company, this means that you will need to invoice us as well as submitting timesheets. Limited companies will need to pay an accountant to help them with self taxing. For more information then talk to your consultant who will be able to go through this option. 


Where can I find any important documents I may need?

Right here!